Sukhdeep Singh Bhatti

The Beginning: For Love of Boxing

Boxing has been a foundational part of his life since Sukhdeep was 13. As the story goes, he used to hang about the yard of the Sher-E Punjab Sports Academy watching as a bystander.

Until, that is, the day that a confrontation with one of the Academy’s boxers led to a critical decision: leave the Academy grounds for good, or join the Academy and learn how to settle disputes in a professional manner.

Over the next few years, Sukhdeep learned how to channel and control his innate ‘fighter’ into a professional. Along the way, he has emerged as a leader to the community, encouraging other young people to do the same, to conduct themselves respectfully within the boundaries of the sport.

Sukhdeep “Chakria” Singh Bhatti



Ajax, Ontario, Canada

The art and my will to fight is drawn from a rich Sikh lineage of warriors, generals and martyrs that lead our people through what otherwise would have meant extinction.
– Sukhdeep Singh Chakria