To apply for Media Credentials to attend a United Boxing Promotion event, applicants must fill out and submit the online application form no later than 48 hours prior to the event to allow time for review.

Accredited media will be allowed access to the ringside area (limited number) as well as other media locations designated by United Boxing Promotions.

Media credentials will also grant the holder access to VIP Lounge / Media Lounge. This will allow access to fighters not on that nights card and other celebrities who will be in attendance. Post fight interviews will also be conducted in the lounge. We have made it mandatory that all boxers make themselves available to the media following their fight.

FIGHT NIGHT – All members of the media will enter through the main facility entrance. Passes will be made available at a designated United Boxing Promotion area. Only persons on our pre-approved list of media will be granted access.

WEIGH IN – Media members will be given advanced notice as to the time and location of our Weigh In Event. At the current time we do not issue passes for this but request all media sign in at the event. All fighters on the card and members of the United Boxing Promotions management team will be in attendance and made available to members of the media.

Credential requests will be evaluated on the following:

  • – Applicant must provide proof of a considerable and consistent readership.
  • – Applicants coverage/publication must feature regular and relevant boxing content.
  • – Applicant must provide proof of employment with media outlet.
  • – Applicant must maintain a professional demeanor at all times, this includes appropriate dress and attitude.
  • – Applicant must create content based on access to event. This will be used to determine access to future events.
Download Media Policy & Application Download Photo Release Form

Email forms to [email protected]